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Birds of India completes one year, with 800 species pages and 10,000 reference images

BiOI was launched on 1 November 2017. We are happy to see that in its first year, it is 800 species pages and 10,000 reference images strong. Thanks to everyone who contributed to reach these milestones. We hope that more people will join us in making this indigenous project much stronger in its second year. We also hope to see you at one of the upcoming Biodiversity Marathons!

-- Krushnamegh Kunte, Birds of India website. 31 October 2018.


Ending 2017 on a happy note: 500 species pages on BiOI

BiOI in its two months of existence has touched 500 species pages. Thanks to everyone who contributed. We look forward to further strong growth in 2018. We wish you all a very productive and happy new year!

-- Editors (Birds of India Consortium), Birds of India website. 31 December 2017.


Birds of India has 400 species pages in its first month!

We are happy to note that the Birds of India website has touched 400 species pages in its first month since its launch on 1 November. Thanks to those who got us to this important milestone. However, the first few hundred species pages are always easy. We are curious to see how the Indian birder community shapes up in enriching this web resource on Indian birds. We are looking forward to the continued contributions and strong support from everyone in the community.

-- Editors (Birds of India Consortium), Birds of India website. 30 November 2017.


Sálim Ali's birth anniversary celebration

The great ornithologist Sálim Ali changed the face of ornithology in India by influencing people's interest in natural history, bird-watching and nature conservation. He did this with his numerous field guides and other excellent natural history books. We celebrate his birth anniversarytoday with 250 species pages on the Birds of India website (launched on 1 Nov). This is a project that is very much shaped by Sálim Ali's vision that has subsequently turned India into a force of citizen science. Hopefully, we will have made a lot more progress by his next birth anniversary. 1,000 species pages and 10,000 images? That will be a fitting tribute.

-- Editors (Birds of India Consortium), Birds of India website. 12 November 2017.


Birds of India crossed 200 species pages in the first week

We crossed 200 species pages in the first week. Check out the latest additions. Still a long way to go. Please contribute your images by following this page, and help us build this much-needed peer-reviewed reference website on Indian birds.

-- Editors (Birds of India Consortium), Birds of India website. 7 November 2017.


Birds of India website launched

India has remarkable bird diversity, a long history of ornithology, and a strong community of birders. Thus, it is incredible that we do not have a dedicated, comprehensive and scholarly website on Indian birds. Birds of India website is an effort at developing such an online platform, providing a critical and freely available resource that has been sorely missing. It will draw upon the expertise of a large number of ornithologists and advanced birders, and contributions from amateur birders, naturalists and photographers, who together make up the Birds of India Consortium.

Birds of India website has three main objectives: (1) generate a library of carefully curated reference images of Indian birds, (2) consolidate available information on Indian birds and make it freely available on the website, and (3) encourage collection of new information on all aspects of Indian birds through rigorous natural history observations and ecological research. Like its sister websites, this website is heavily dependent on citizen scientists.

Birds of India website uses the powerful online framework developed by the Butterflies of India website. In the coming months and years, we will make this website mobile-friendly and develop a few apps that will help you contribute to this website through mobile devices. We will also think of ways to integrate and complement our efforts with other projects such as eBird. Just as critical as these developments, we want to significantly expand the Birds of India Consortium to include many more editors and reviewers who form the backbone of such a project. We invite more and more citizen scientists to contribute reference images and textual information that will make this website an indispensable reference on Indian birds. We hope that you will join us in developing this valuable resource, and strengthen citizen science in India.

-- Editors (Birds of India Consortium), Birds of India website. 1 November 2017.

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