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Welcome to Birds of India, an internet-based and peer-reviewed resource devoted to Indian birds. India has spectacular birds, which have been studied intensively over the past hundred and fifty years. Yet, dedicated and scholarly web resources with detailed species pages on Indian birds have been scarce. This website offers the Indian birder community a popular platform on which to organize the available information in a free and user-friendly format to which they can also contribute in various ways.

This website is a sister of the Butterflies of India, Moths of India, Cicadas of India, Odonata of India, Reptiles of India and Amphibians of India websites, which are designed to disseminate comprehensive information on various aspects of the biology of Indian faunas, encourage their observation to study their natural history and ecology, gather population and distributional data in a centralized database, and spread awareness about their conservation.

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Satose, V., A. Bayani, V. Ramachandran, P. Roy, and K. Kunte (Chief Editors) 2023. Birds of India, v. 2.17. Indian Foundation for Butterflies.

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